Outstanding Beauty

Environmental Sustainability

Trevassack Lake is part of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so looking after our natural environment has been a key consideration: our holiday cottages and the Learning Centre have been designed for minimal visual and environmental impact.

Living Roofs

Our Cottages

Among the environmentally-friendly features are ‘living’ roofs on our holiday cottages which will encourage plants to grow, naturally cool the buildings and increase biodiversity, along with solar panels on the roof of the Learning Centre that will power the whole site during daylight hours and keep us carbon neutral for most of the year. Additional sustainable energy comes from a water source heat pump system, which uses the lake water to provide underfloor heating and hot water.

Minimising Carbon


Everything about our site is designed to minimise our carbon footprint. In the Learning Centre, the cafe uses locally-sourced products whenever possible, we recycle what we can and avoid the use of single-use plastics. On the lake, our safety boat and accessible Floating Classroom use electric engines.

Our Commitment

Closer to Nature

By getting children closer to nature through outdoor and on-the-water activities, we are committed to building an awareness and appreciation of the natural world that will last long after they leave Trevassack Lake.

Come and Visit

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The surrounding area offers plenty of places to see and things to do for the adventurous guest, such as tracking down perfect beaches, tucking into local meals or exploring the Cornish countryside.