Guest FAQs - Watersports

No matter what your level of experience or ability we have activities to suit all. You can book a private instructor for you and your guests or you can join in on any of our planned sessions. You can sail around the lake in one of our sailing lessons, glide and explore the lake by kayak, learn to paddleboard or take part in one of our wild swimming sessions. There really is an activity for all of the family.

Holiday Watersports

Frequently Asked Questions

In Winter, the lake is generally closed  (apart from swim sessions) and you will need to ask in advance to arrange a bespoke session.

In Spring and Autumn, the lake is open subject to staffing levels – this may not every day but is usually only closed on Mondays and Saturdays until the May half term. However, if you would like to book a bespoke group activity when we are otherwise closed, please contact us and we may be able to arrange for you to get afloat.

In the Summer months, it is likely that we will be open most days, but it is still worth contacting us to check, a couple of weeks before your holiday.

If making a booking for “Pay and Play” equipment hire, where an instructor isn’t needed, then there is no need to book before your holiday, though you are welcome to if you prefer. Just pop in to see the watersports team when you get here and we will sort out booking for you.

If you would like to book a session with a member of the water sports team please contact us before your holiday to ensure we have a qualified instructor available. It might be that you would like have an instructor led lesson, or perhaps additional family needs means you would like to book our wheelchair friendly “Floaty”. Maybe you’d like the extra muscle power of an instructor to help paddle our multi person boats, or you’d like a sailing session on “Friendship”, our Drascome Lugger. It may well be that we can organize all these things during your stay, but we cannot guarantee to be able to.

Don’t forget, as guests you get 15% off our standard prices!

We have quite a few different ways of enjoying the water, whether paddling, sailing or electric powered, catering for families and individuals including those with almost any additional need. Children under the age of 12 will need to be accompanied on the water by an adult over the age of 18.

Kayaks and Stand up Paddleboards
Our sit on top kayaks are quite stable by kayak standards, but do expect to get wet! We have singles ideal for one paddler and doubles which are great for 2, or sometimes for one larger adult. Our 1=1 kayaks are great for an adult to take a toddler or small child out, sitting just in front of the paddler for support.

Our stand up paddleboards (SUP) are designed for one adult, but are buoyant enough for an adult and small child, or two older children, though they will likely get wet!

Katakanu and Megasup

These are our family or group sized paddle craft. The Megasup is a giant paddleboard with a multitude of uses, from a synchronized paddle round the lake to a platform to “fall” off. We can also hoist onto a giant beanbag sitting in the middle of the Megasup  so wheelchair users can also experience the fun of being on a board but with a much, much lower risk of falling off.

The Katakanu is a very stable twin hulled canoe, designed for 6 people to paddle, sitting on seats. It can be a very dry ride for those who don’t like the idea of getting wet whilst afloat and is also excellent for those with additional needs. As with the Megasup, we can hoist onto a beanbag, but we can also put slightly supportive seating on the boat for those who need a little help or even turn one of the hulls into a “nest” for smaller participants. This enables the whole family to get out on the water together.

If wanted, we can send an expert paddler out with the group on either of these craft with some notice.

Sailing craft

For those who can already sail, it is possible to hire small sailing dinghies to sail on the lake. If people wish to learn, then we can supply an instructor by arrangement.

For those with additional needs that mean they can’t move around in a small dinghy, we have the option of a small keelboat called the Hansa 303. These are sailed using a joystick rather than a tiller, sitting on a deckchair like seat! As with the dinghies, these can be hired by people who can already sail or can be sailed two up with an instructor to either teach or provide a therapeutic ride.

Our Drascombe Lugger can be hired with a professional helm to take the whole family (up to 6 people) or group afloat. In terms of additional needs, it is wonderful for those with special educational needs who are ambulant, as there isn’t as much support as in some of our other choices. The ability to take a person sailing with family member or carer on board too makes the Lugger a perfect choice for those who cannot be away from medical care.

Powered craft

On the lake, we only have electric driven powerboats. The two smaller dinghies are mainly used as safety boats, but one of them can also be used with a beanbag to hoist into from a wheelchair to give rides round the lake.

Our Drascome Lugger can also be used with a motor for families and small groups.

Floaty, our floating classroom is a custom-made boat designed for groups and wheelchair users. Its triple hulled, ultra stable platform, combined with ramp access makes for a safe, accessible way for everybody to access the joy of being afloat. Our professional drivers can take you for tours of the lake, seeing our site from a totally different perspective. We generally run half hour trips around the lake for up to fifteen  people including three wheelchair users.


  • Hansa C-Crane Hoist & variety of slings
  • Floaty
  • 6 x Hansa Dinghies (3 x 2.3 & 3 x 303)
  • Variety of Lifejackets and Buoyancy Aids


Soon to have (however I dare not define ‘soon’)….

  • 2 x swimming wheelchair
  • 1 x Hereford Hoist
  • 1 x beach wheelchair (possibly)
  • 2 x Accessible Paddleboard (Trident 12’ with outriggers)
  • Support seat for hansa


In addition we do have the sit on top kayakys, SUPs, and megaSUP which can be used depending on the support needed


With the shorebased kit – there is access to the mobile hoists – however not specifically activity related.


And the 2 x changing places

Start having fun

Activity Bookings

To find out more about our family offers and discuss your requirements, please call us on 01326 702326 or email us at hello@cstexperiences.co.uk to book in advance of your stay. We look forward to getting you on the water!