What's Provided?

Whether you are fully able or limited in your mobility, young, old or have four legs, we aim to be the best UK holiday destination for all ages and abilities.

Bradbury House, Lizard House and Clare Milne House are particularly suited for disabled-friendly holidays in Cornwall, but all our facilities are family-friendly and dog-friendly for holidays here in south west Cornwall.

Our luxury self-catering hideaways each have your very own inset hot tub on their large decks, perfect for relaxing after you’ve used up all your energy down at the lake. But that’s not all, we’ve a plethora of additional equipment available should you need it – at no extra cost. Accessibility aids are on site, ready for your request, to help make your stay as easy as possible. There’s no additional hire worries – if we’ve got it, you can use it. See below for our current selection of free helping hands.

All of our properties come fully stocked with all the equipment you need to enjoy your time away without missing home comforts. See the full list of everything provided as standard:

Our site wardens live by the lake full time (lucky!) to keep the location secure at all times, so you can feel safe while still secluded. Their number is in the property should you have any emergencies.

Additional Equipment

The following items are available on site, subject to availability.

Currently they are limited in number and so provided on a first come, first serve basis with priority going to the high dependency guests to be shared fairly among our guests on site. 

We are always adding to our provisions as funding and circumstance allow, so the below is by no means a finite list. 

Please do ask if you have specific requirements and we will do our very best to help.

Profiling Adjustable Beds X 4

Medley Ergo Profiling Adjustable Bed with SoftForm Premier Original Mattress with options of side rails and bumpers.

Manufacturer Manual >

Medley Ergo Profiling Adjustable Bed with Soft Form Premier Mattress. Side Rails and Bumpers


Bed can come with or without rails and bumpers. 


Please note: The Medley Ergo bed is not for use by children under 12 years of age, or people with a body size equivalent to a 12 year old or smaller.

Medley Ergo Profiling Adjustable Bed allows for a range of height combinations using the four sectioned profiling mattress support, providing maximum comfort for the client and position for the carer. 


Mattress delivers exceptional levels of comfort and pressure redistribution. Is suitable for those considered high to very high risk of developing pressure ulcers, and features a castellated insert constructed from geometrically cut surface cells which move independently to provide excellent user comfort, reduce shear and friction and optimise pressure reduction. Build-up of heat and moisture is minimised through the key hole channels at the base of each cell, which allow essential air circulation. The outer cover is a multi stretch, waterproof, PU fabric with a full length flap to conceal the zip. 


Bed Height adjustable. Adjustable backrest and leg rest

• Mattress Platform Height: 330 – 730mm (13 – 28¾”) OR 400 – 800mm (14¾ – 31½”)

• Bed overall Length x Width: 2240 x 1020mm (88 x 40″)

• Backrest Angle: 0 – 70°  Thigh Angle: 0 – 24°  Leg Rest Lift: 0 – 11°

• Maximum User Weight: 145kg (23st)

• Safe Working Load (includes user, accessories & mattress): 180kg (28½st)

• Mattress – Length: 2000mm (78¾”)    Width: 880mm (34½”)

• Height: 152mm (6″)

• Product Weight: 13kg (28½lb)

Shower Commode Chair for Accessible Holidays at Trevassack

Manual Shower Commode Chairs X 3

Ocean VIP Tilt in Space Shower and Commode Chairs – these tilt 45 degrees and all have chest and pelvic straps plus back cushion.

Manufacturer’s Details >

Ocean VIP Tilt In Space Shower and Commode Chair

Available with Chest Strap, Pelvic Strap, Soft Backrest cushion Arm Rest Locking Device

Shower commode chair with 4 locking castors, sanitary pan holder and lid.  Seat tilt which can be individually adjusted from 0-40°. Extremely stable even at the maximum tilt angle. The seat is moulded and allows a more upright, stable position when seated. 5° seat tilt. Tension-adjustable backrest can be manoeuvred to suit the positioning of the user’s spine.

Height and depth adjustable headrest, angle adjustable flip up and textured footplates with heel loops and height adjustable, swing away detachable footrests. Swing away armrests can be adjusted to two different heights.

•Seat height (front): 533 – 658mm (21 – 30″)

•Seat height (back): 475 – 600mm (19 – 23.5″)

•Seat width: 480mm (19″). Seat depth: 480mm (19″)

•Width between arms: 455mm (18″)

•Arm rests height: 720 – 860mm (28¼ – 33¾”). 
•Footplate width: 160mm (6″)

•Total width: 565mm (22″). Depth: 1000mm (39″) 
•Height: 1052 – 1340mm (41 – 53″)

•Tilt angle: -5 – 40°

•Product weight: 23.5kg (3¾st)

•Easy to adjust seat height in 3 simple steps

•Adjustable armrests.  
•Pan capacity: 3.4l

Self-Propelling Shower Commode X 1

Self Propelled T70 Freeway Shower Commode Chair with Pan. This does not tilt but can be self-propelled by the user.

Manufacturer Manual >

The Freeway T70 Shower Commode Chair features a strong, sturdy frame. Supremely hygienic thanks to its anti-bacterial coating. The large braked rear wheels of the shower commode chair make it easy to self-propel. The chair has a horseshoe-shaped seat that is well padded for added comfort and is upholstered in a protective hardwearing material that is easy to wipe clean and is anti-bacterial to eliminate the risk of spread of infection. The front aperture allows for easier access when carrying out personal hygiene. Removable swing away footrests make for effortless transfers for the user 

• Large puncture proof tyres on rear wheels

• Chair height: 980mm (38.5”)
• Chair width: 750mm (29.5”)

• Chair length: 1150mm (45.25”)

• Seat width: 540mm (21.25”)

• Height to top of seat: 560mm (22”)

• Seat depth: 400mm (15.75”)

• Distance between armrests at rear: 470mm (18.5”)

• Distance between armrests at front: 520mm (20.5”)

• Maximum user weight: 200 kgs (30 st)

A Birdie Hoist positioned by the bed at Trevassack Holidays

Evo Birdie Hoists X 2

To help those with limited mobility with safe transfers.

Please bring your own sling.

Manufacturer Manual >

Birdie Folding Electric Hoist – 150kg

Please bring your own slings.

This folding, electric hoist will lift up to 150kg with a comfortable lift and transfer to or from bed, chair or even the floor. 360° range of movement even when the hoist is in the highest position. Person can be easily rotated in the hoist.


•Long boom easily be rotated and positioned.

•No tools required when folding / unfolding.

•Snap lock Lock snaps into place. A magnetic pin ensures optimal security.

•Manual leg spread Simply step on the pedal to adjust the leg spread.

•Clip on spreader bar Allows the spreader bar to be changed quickly.

•Maximum user weight: 150kg

•Hoist Weight: 31kg

•Lifting Range: 530-1590mm

•Leg Length: 1080mm

•Width(closed) external measurement: 520mm

•Total Width (open) internal measurement: 815mm

•Battery Working capacity: 40 full lifts per charge

•Two point spreader bar

Manual Bed Hoist X 1

For those who require some assistance with sitting up in bed and transferring to a standing position.

Manufacturer’s Details >

The Drive Bed Lifting Pole is an excellent overhead solution for those who require assistance with raising themselves up from a laying position to a sitting one. 

Key Features and Benefits


Simple but innovative solution for assisting people with limited mobility

Can be positioned under the base of a bed (at the head of the bed) for maximum stability

Moulded plastic handle for excellent grip when raising body up

Handle can be adjusted by height between 156 – 163cm for people with varying heights or abilities

Can be disassembled into three pieces for ease of storage and transportation

Designed for use in professional medical environments or at home

Has a maximum user weight of 125kg to accommodate a wide range of users

How Does the Free Standing Patient Helper Work?


To get the best out of your lifting pole, you can position it under the base of your bed by the head of the bed for overhead support. Users who want to sit up in their bed can then grab hold of the handle and raise themselves up into a sitting position.


Technical Specifications


Height: 193cm

Handle Adjacent from Floor: 156-163cm

Overall Width: 95cm

Overall Depth: 61cm

Height of Base Section: 5cm

Max. User Weight: 125kg


Joerns Voyager Hot Tub hoist X 1

This gets shared between those that need it but we’re fundraising to get more. It can only be used in dry weather and requires use of your own sling.

Manufacturer’s Details >

• High lift capacity at 200kg
• Dual controls
• Lightweight design
• Removable, chargeable battery allows for 24 hours of use

Key features of the Oxford Voyager Portable lift include:

• Maximum lifting capacity of 200kg/31st
• Quick-release carabiner type clip for easy attachment to the rail system
• User-friendly corded handset
• On-board emergency controls (Up/down) that function independently of the handset
• Audible low battery indicator to avoid unexpected power failure during operation
• Soft start and stop functionality ensuring safe and comfortable transfer
• Emergency stop and manual emergency lower functions for optimum patient safety
• Internal emergency brake to mitigate the risk of any unlikely mechanical failure
• Strap twist prevention to enhance user convenience and safety

Shower Commode Chair for Accessible Holidays at Trevassack

Perch Stools & Shower Stools

For support while using the wet-room shower.

Manufacturer’s Details >

Epoxy coated hard wearing steel frame and a vinyl covered well padded seat. Heat sealed for better hygiene. Armrests on either side (and a back rest on some), angled to give better stability. Frame is designed with slightly shorter legs at the front than the back, angling the seat slightly forward, and making it easier for the user to get on and off the stool. Fitted with large rubber feet to prevent the risk of the stool slipping whilst in use and to spread the weight load. 

• Height adjustable versatile perching stool

• Well padded seat for user comfort

• Height adjustable through good range

• Very wide base for stability and safety

• Forward sloping seat for ease of use

• Arm and back rests for additional user support

• Large rubber feet to prevent slipping

• Maximum stool height: 640mm (25″)

• Minimum stool height: 515mm (20.25″)

• Seat width: 345mm (13.5″)

• Seat depth: 300mm (12″)

• Minimum footprint: 430mm x 418mm (17″ x 16.5″)

• Maximum footprint: 508mm x 470mm (20″ x 18.5″)

• Stool weight: 5 kgs (11 lbs)

• Maximum user weight: 160 kgs (25 st)

Toilet Frame

A seated frame for support while using the toilet.

Manufacturer’s Details >

Mowbray Lite Adjustable Toilet Frame with Seat

Mowbray Lite Plus Adjustable Toilet Frame with Seat raises the height of the toilet while also providing extra support to make getting on and off the toilet easier. Extendable, padded armrests and a unique seat lid that contributes to infection control by stopping any spray spreading during flushing. The seat has a cutaway at the front together with a slightly sloping profile that makes it easier to get up from while a short chute makes it ideally suited to more modern toilets.

• Seat provides excellent user comfort

• Cutaway frontal section for personal hygiene

• Height adjustable for maximum user comfort

• Unique numbered height adjustment system

• Height to top of seat: 400mm – 550mm (15.75″ – 21.5″)

• Toilet frame width: 570mm – 720mm (22.5″ – 28.25″)

• Toilet frame depth: 515mm – 565mm (20″ – 22″)

• Toilet seat width: 406mm (16″)

• Toilet seat depth: 450mm (17.75″)

• Width between arms: 510mm – 660mm (20″ – 26″)

• Height to top of frame: 610mm – 770mm (24″ – 30″)

• Aperture size: 260mm x 220mm (10″ x 8.5″)

• Maximum user weight: 190 kgs (30 st)

Mobile Grab Rails

EasyBar Suction Grab Rail features extremely strong vacuum suction but is not designed to take a user’s full body weight.

Manufacturer’s Details >

EasyBar Suction Grab Rail 350mm (13.78”) or 500mm (19.5″) in length. Provides security with extremely strong vacuum suction pads at each end, each of which will lock against any smooth, non-porous surface to hold the rail very securely in place and can be moved quickly and easily. Please note not designed to take a user’s full body weight, simply to provide some additional steadying during movement.

• One EasyBar Suction Grab Rail – 350mm or 500mm

• Very sturdy quality suction grab rail

• Very quick and easy to position and attach

• Rail length: 500mm (19.5″)  Rail weight: 500 gms (1.1 lbs)

Riser Recliner X 1

Comfort and convenience to help you up once you’ve been ensconced in its cushions.

Manufacturer Manual >

The smooth rising and reclining action is operated with the simple handset, and allows the user to easily set the most favourable seating position in a gentle and controlled fashion. The dual motors can be controlled independently of each other ensuring the user can recline and elevate the backrest and leg rest individually. The chair is upholstered in luxurious, soft to the touch Chenille fabric and has a memory foam seating area that evenly distributes the user’s weight for unparalleled support and comfort. Mains powered, the dual motor riser recliner chair is incredibly reliable but has a built in battery back up system in case of emergency or power failure. 

•Memory foam seat provides outstanding comfort

•T back design offers excellent user support

•Simple hand control  Dual motors enable independent rise and recline

•Convenient side pockets keep items close to hand

•Meets all relevant fire retardancy standards

•Width: 840mm (33”). Depth: 920mm (36”). Height: 1120mm (44”)

•Seat height: 480mm (19”)

•Seat width: 530mm (21”)

•Seat depth: 500mm (20”)

•Maximum user weight: 150 kgs (23 st)

Elephant Feet 9cm 
Elephant Feet 14cm 

Provide a lift for various items of large furniture such as chairs, sofas, beds and tables.

Manufacturer’s Details >

Elephant Feet raisers provide a lift of 90mm (3.5”) or 140mm (5.5″) for various items of large furniture such as chairs, sofas, beds and tables. Strong and robust, with a deep, non-slip recess at the top. Broad base makes it extremely stable. 

• Raises furniture: 90mm (3.5”) or 140mm (5.5″)

• Wide base for complete stability. Top diameter: 90mm (3″)

• Maximum user weight: 380 kgs (60 st) including weight of furniture

All Ages High Chair

Stoke Tripp Trapp high chairs, fully adjustable from child through to adult ages.

Manufacturer’s Details >

Material Chair Beech wood

Maximum User Weight 136kg

Washing Instructions Wipe clean

Material Harness Made of durable nylon. No harmful substances/free from BPA and phthalates

Suitable for children who can sit up unaided

Dimensions Tray H41 x W44 x D4cm Maximum User weight 15kg Wipe clean 

Material BPA-free plastic

Sensory Projector in the high dependency accessible lodge at Trevassack Holidays

Star Sensory Projectors 

Dynamic projection on the ceiling or wall to combine the realistic nebulae of various colours to create a relaxed sensory atmosphere.

Two Handled Lidded Mugs

To assist in control of drinks, enabling a secure grip and minimise spillage.


The Two Handled Mug with Two Lids has two large, easy to grip handles, which assist the user with control and ensure that they have a secure grip, allowing them to consume their beverage safely.

Supplied in a pack of two with two different lids, one lid has a drinking spout allowing the user to regulate the flow of liquid, the other is an anti-spill lid to reduce the chances of spillages and splashes. The large, easy to grip handles along with the combination of lids make the Two Handled Mug with Two Lids ideal for users who suffer from shakes, tremors and weak grip. As the mugs are clear it makes it easy to accurately monitor intake, ensuring that the user stays well hydrated. The mugs are suitable for use in the dishwasher however the lids must be hand-washed only.

  • Capacity: 270ml (9fl.oz)
  • Weight: 110g

Curved Transfer Board X 1

Non-slip curved boards to help people transfer.

The curved transfer board is ideal for car, bed, wheelchair and toilet transfers, facilitating independence with safety. Smooth arc shape allows for the natural sweeping pattern of an assisted transfer and has two non-slip pads on the base of the board. Wipes clean.

• Shape allows positioning options

• Easy to clean for infection control. Non slip pads for extra safety

• Board length: 710mm (27.5″)  Board width: 370mm (14.5″)

• Board weight: 1.95 kgs (4.3 lbs)   Maximum user weight: 152 kgs (24 st)

Magnifying Glass X 1

Dynamic projection on the ceiling or wall to combine the realistic nebulae of various colours to create a relaxed sensory atmosphere.

Handle compatible with any Okolux series lens

Schweizer’s Okolux magnifier range pioneered the concept of a modular system, whereby one handle is all you need to add interchangeable lenses of different magnification strengths. It means you can purchase handle or lenses separately according to your personal lighting or eyesight requirements.

White light illumination

This handle incorporates an energy-efficient, medium-bright LED with a colour temperature of 4500K. This emits a clear white light, not too bright, not too soft, for most everyday ad many low vision magnifying needs. Supplied with a set of three AA batteries, all you need is to add the lenses of your choice, all of which can also be purchased separately.

A favourite magnifier for the visually impaired

Ever since Schweizer pioneered the concept of a modular, self-build magnifier system, the Okolux range has been a favourite choice for people with visual impairment or other low vision needs. Many more will like the flexibility of a magnifying system, which allows you to replace or upgrade handles or lenses whenever your eyes tell you it’s time for a change.

The Okolux series will appeal to anyone who struggles to hold, or focus a magnifier. Magnifiers can either be hand-held, or put down hands-free on a flat surface because all focal distances are fixed, so the lens is always correctly focussed.

  • Separate LED handle only for Okolux series magnifiers
  • Handle fits any Okolux Plus lens (order separately)
  • Made from lightweight plastic with large central light switch
  • Low-energy consumption LED
  • Colour temperature: 4500K
  • Bright LED maximises contrast and aids reading
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (supplied)
  • Replacement lenses and handles can be purchased separately
  • Made in Germany

Wheelchair X 2

A lightweight, folding manual wheelchair that moves easily in tight spaces.

This wheelchair is made from aluminium to ensure it is extremely lightweight and strong whilst also being very easy to use and manoeuvre even for an elderly carer. When not in use this Lightweight Wheelchair simply folds into a highly compact shape and features quick release footrests and half folding back which makes it perfect for storing under a bed or transporting in the boot of a car. Once out and about, it can be difficult for carers to push and manoeuvre some wheelchairs particularly on hilly terrain or indeed if they have health issues of their own, no such concerns with the Alu Light. It pushes easily and is easy to move around corners and into tight spaces.

• Long boom easily be rotated and positioned.

• Seat width 405mm or 455mm (16” or 18”)

• Seat length 430mm (17”)

• Seat height 490mm (19.25”)

• Chair width 570mm (22.5”)

• Chair length 1030mm (40.5”)

• Chair height 945mm (37.5”)

• Chair weight 12 kgs (27 lbs)

• Maximum user weight 100 kgs (15.75 st)

Muggi Cup Holders

Kindly donated by the clever man who invented them – he branded with the charity logo, too!

Manufacturer’s Details >

The Muggi is a unique and innovative tray that allows up to four mugs or glasses to be safely carried. It features non-slip rubber feet, finger and thumb holds and is designed to catch any unwanted spillages. Manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled plastic.

RNIB Liquid Level Indicators X 1

A natty little device that beeps to alert you when the cup is nearly full.

The Liquid Level Indicator is designed to help you pour drinks safely, and beeps to alert you once the liquid reaches a certain level. Hooks onto the side of the vessel, sounding an intermittent tone to indicate the cup is nearly full and a continuous tone when it is full. Suitable for use in mugs, cups or glasses, and approved by the RNIB. This kitchen aid is battery operated.

• Beeps to alert you when the cup is nearly full.

• Approved by the RNIB.  L48 x W35mm (2 x 1″)

Guldmann Track Hoist in Lodges

Built in to Bradbury House, Clare Milne House and now Lizard House too, to transfer people around Bedroom 1 and its adjoining wet-room.

Manufacturer Manual >

1. Ensures effective lifting and moving

2. Lifting capacity up to 200 kg

3. Powerful and user-friendly

Professional ceiling hoist – for effective lifting and moving

The GH3 ceiling hoist is a stationary lifting module that is user-friendly and powerful enough to handle lifting and moving procedures in almost all professional care settings. The lifting module is easy to operate and helps make lifting and moving procedures safe, simple and comfortable for user and care staff alike.


The GH3 module charges itself through the rails, irrespective of where in the system the lifting module is positioned. This ensures that the ceiling hoist is always ready to use.

Safety – Has its own emergency stop

Floating Beach Wheelchairs X 2

You are free to borrow one for outings during your stay, but they are to be used at your own risk when taken off-site.

Manufacturer Manual >

Deschamps mobi floating beach wheel chair is an excellent innovative product designed for all wheelchair users. This high quality rolling beach wheelchair can be used for travel on boardwalk, the beach and the water. Known for it’s convenience, portability and comfort, the Mobi-Chair® provides entertainment along with comfort to the user. 

Key features

Maneuverability – provides easy mobility through sand, water and rough surfaces. It’s rubber pneumatic tires absorb the shock and discomfort of rough ground.

Convenient Transport – Quickly assembled and disassembled by opertating quick release pins. Can be easily fitted into any vehicle. 

Confortable and Aesthetics – Attractive fabric is non-allergenic, UV resistant, water resistant and ventilated for quick drying. Users are able to recline into a comfortable position. 

Floatability – Armrests and wheels are comprised of floatation materials that enable balance while in the water. The handles on the armrests provide added great stability and safety.

Adjustable backrest – 3 positions

Detachable armrest

Folding frame aluminum frame & stainless fork and hardware, salt water resistant    


Chair Width 42”

Chair Length 60”

Chair Height 50”

Chair Weight 66 lbs

Seat Width 18”

Seat Length 17”

Seat Height 19”

Max Load 300 lbs

Front wheel 12″ x 6-1/2» Rubber Pneumatic Tire*1 w/quick release 

Rear wheel  16″ x 7-1/2» Rubber Pneumatic Tire*2 w/quick release

Changing Places

Our site has the only Changing Places Facilities on the Lizard – and we’ve got two! One inside the main building by the cafe and another in its own separate cabin for those accessing the water.

Both are fully accessible and accredited by the Changing Places scheme and feature electric hoists, fold down changing tables, shower, toilet, sink, plus additional aids and, crucially, and plenty of space.


We are committed to continually improving what we offer here, so if you know of any additional equipment we can fundraise for, or opportunities to acquire new additions, please do get in touch: