Mobility Equipment from the Mark Master Masons of Cornwall

When we were first setting up the facilities and future of everything here at Trevassack Lake, we were blessed with the generosity of the Mark Master Masons of Cornwall who helped fund the construction of a unique floating structure. And a few years later, they’re back to help in other, much appreciated ways.

In May, Children’s Sailing Trust announced the awarding of monies from The Mark Benevolent Fund so that we may make much-requested improvements to our holiday facilities at Trevassack Lake, with the following Facebook Post:

Our grateful thanks go once more to The Mark Benevolent Fund for supporting our recent grant application!
Children’s Sailing Trust is looking forward to taking delivery of several items of new accessibility equipment which will help those with physical disabilities access our facilities, allowing them to enjoy everything we have to offer at our Trevassack Lake site unhindered. Watch this space for an update when the fabulous new equipment arrives!
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The generous sum awarded on this occasion allowed our Sales & Accommodation Manager, Deborah, to hit the Buy Now button on some specialist items that we had long coveted – an Oxford Up to aid people in standing up from a sitting position, an AirFlo mattress, to allow adjustable firmness for those relying on an electric profiling bed and then (trumpet fanfare please) THREE hot tub hoists that enable the safe transfer of people in and out of the private hot tubs.

Previously we had just the one hot tub hoist that we shared fairly between all six properties, depending on need and availability. It made such a massive difference to those who used it, not just in the therapeutic properties of being able to use a hot tub, but the ability to use a hot tub with their family and friends at all!

Deborah joyfully contacted all of our upcoming guests, to let them know the good news and the responses back are just a prelude of what will become when they get to experience a hassle-free holiday here. All the accessibility equipment at Trevassack Holidays is provided as standard, if required, with no additional charges – why should you have to pay extra for conveniences that make your life easier? Here is just a snippet of the feedback we’ve had from the news, to date:

Hi Deborah Thank you for your email, that is brilliant news! Thank heavens for generous charities, making life better for disabled people. I am sure my granddaughter will now enjoy the hot tub. Kind regards,
Trevassack Holidays CST

Amazing! Thanks great news and will make a massive difference to us.

Thats fabulous news thank you so much!

Hi, That's brilliant news! Thank you for letting us know. Many thanks,

Hi Deborah, That's wonderful news, we can't wait for our stay. Many thanks

That is amazing, thank you so much Deborah xx

That’s brilliant to have hoist for hot tub, we will bring our own sling. We cannot wait for our trip now. Thanks so much. Kind Regards

Wow, this is amazing, many thanks. It will really help our backs. Best wishes

Thank you, great news.

Super - thank you.

Once the treasured items were in place, looking smart with their dedication plaques commemorating the donation, we were ready for the arrival of our VIPS.

On Friday 7th June, we were delighted to welcome Peter Furness, the Mark Provincial Grand Master himself, plus Jeremy Squibb (Provincial Charity Steward), Simon Trevains (Provincial Secretary), David Trevains (Provincial Registrar) along with our friend, Kevin Hicks, MBF Trustee, who had visited recently for lunch at our lakeside cafe and follow up on progress, resulting in this latest gift.

The Masons present a cheque to our CEO and Chair of Trustees

Kevin Hicks gave a short speech to present us with the cheque in front of one of the purchased hoists, situated at Clare Milne House, with the lake in the background.

Kevin’s words:

“Martin, Jakie, Emma, Katie and All from Children’s Sailing Trust.

It was about 8 years ago when a cheque was presented to the HRCST (as it was then known) by the St Michael’s Lodge No175  from Helston for £250, and it was suggested by my past Provincial Secretary, Raymond Lewry, that they may need further help.

I, as PGM at the time, and my Deputy, Peter Johns, went to the BIG HOUSE at Bonython and met Richard Nathan in very convivial surroundings in his summerhouse and overlooking his pool.

He showed me plans which showed a very ambitious plan for an old serpentine quarry “just down the road” for a centre for disabled and able-bodied children “To have fun together”.

We went down and saw a bare quarry, filled with water and it was very muddy and raining, and I thought, VERY AMBITIOUS!

On the plan was an idea for a floating classroom which fitted well with the MBF’s giving criteria and after many unsuccessful plans by you, delivery problems and COVID I had the pleasure in presenting on behalf of the MBF, a cheque for £40,000 – we can see Floaty outside, which I understand is a great success and well used.

The Provincial Grand Master Peter Furness and his team have come here today to further support this amazing project and on behalf of the Mark Benevolent Fund and our over 33,000 Mark Masons throughout England, Wales and its Districts and Lodges overseas, it gives me the greatest pleasure to hand over to the Provincial Grand Master to present this cheque for £12,159 for the purchase of disabled hoists.”

Our VIPs had a tour of the site while CEO Jakie Jewell spoke to them about the charity work and the provisions we have for special needs guests, and the group embarked on a trip aboard Floaty, the ‘boat’ they funded that is our fully accessible floating classroom that is suitable for wheelchair users.

We would very much like to thank the Master Masons and Mark Benevolent Fund for their kind support of all we do here, on behalf of Children’s Sailing Trust, Trevassack Holidays and our guests.



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